Compression Leggings 20 30 Mmhg

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Foucome Maternity Compression Socks - Pregnancy Stockings & Leggings Knee High Open Toe

as of July 24, 2018 8:42 pm


  • FEEL THE DIFFERENCE - These maternity compression stockings are made of premium quality, durable compression fabric with Nylon 76.6%, Spandex 23.4%. True graduated compression of 20 - 30 mmHg.
  • True graduated compression improves the blood flow & the venous valves can pump the blood to the heart more efficiently. Wouldn't it be great to have relief from aching leg muscles, protecting your legs from potential varicose veins, whilst also looking good during your pregnancy? Get these and get immediate relief now. You will wish you had found these earlier.
  • PREVENT VARICOSE VEINS, SPIDER VEINS & WATER RETENTION DURING PREGNANCY: Hormonal changes & weight gain are normal during pregnancy. These can sometimes lead to varicose veins & water retention in the legs during pregnancy. Use these graduated compression maternity stockings to help keep the veins and legs in shape. Don't waste precious time price shopping or buying cheap imitations that do not work.
  • REFRESH YOUR TIRED, ACHING LEGS & PREVENT LEG FATIGUE: Because of the increased weight & the swelling in legs, your legs can often ache during pregnancy. These true graduated compression socks boost circulation in your legs because of the difference in pressure between the bottom & top of the stockings. As a result the blood flows back to the heart more easily, preventing swellings. Your legs will thank you.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE FABRIC: Lightweight, breathable and moisture wicking, the compression foot sleeves provide ankle spur arch support without getting wet and trapping odors even through the intense workouts. The anti-odor and anti-static fabric stops the growth of bacteria and fungus. Comfortable to wear with sandals, shoes, boot with insoles, slippers, and under any socks all day or to wear them at night to minimize "first step" morning pain.

Lace Poet Black Ultimate Yoga/Sleep Compression Body Shaper/Legging 20-30 mmHg

as of July 24, 2018 8:42 pm


  • Material: 25% Lycra and 75% Microfiber
  • Measure: 90-160lbs, 4'1-5'6".
  • Compression Level: 20-30 mmHg
  • DVT Prevention, Improve Blood Circulation, Anti Swollen
  • AUTHENTIC SOLD DIRECT ONLY through Lace Poet Amazon Storefront. We have NO RESELLER on Amazon or anywhere. "Lace Poet" is a registered trademark by Lace Poet Inc.

HOYISOX Wicking Compression Recovery Tights 20-30 mmHg,Compression Socks for Women

as of July 24, 2018 8:42 pm


  • Made of WINCOOL (functional yarn) for breathable, antibacterial, deodorizing, and UV protection.
  • Texturing in the body protects from soreness and prevents cramps in the calves and hamstrings.
  • Textured fabric is reinforced at the ankle. Extra pressure helps circulation from the calf muscle to the heart, relieving stress on the muscle and soreness.
  • Compression tights are not only beneficial for many different types of sports, such as running, biking, and hiking, but also for professionals who need to stand for long periods of time, such as teachers and sales staff, or those who want to wear it as an undergarment for shaping.
  • Seamless legs reduce frictions.